10 useful things you should know before travelling to Phuket, Thailand.

-1 Temperature

Regardless of the size, Phuket is an island in the tropical country. Therefore, humidity is something that should be expected. On a normal day, an average weather in Phuket is somewhere around 30 degrees celsius, but you can actually feel way higher than that due to the humidity.

It can be a little uncomfortable at first, but with enough water and proper attires, you will absolutely feel just fine.

-2 Tropical rain

A tropical island always comes with the sunshine and rainy day, Phuket is no exception. The island is basically a “year round” destination, where you can travel throughout the year because there is no such a severe weather in Phuket. There might be some rainstorm, but it is only a normal situation for the tropical island.

However, if you dislike your beach holidays to become a rainy one. You should remember not to travel to Phuket during September and October because these are the rainiest months of the year.  Apart from this, there might be some thunderstorm during May due to the monsoon influence. However, you can still enjoy plentiful of sunshine.

-3 Some insects ?

Insects and warm weather are like best friends, so they are something you should know by the time you decide to travel to the tropical country. Mosquitoes seem to be one of the most popular insects that travellers will come across. They are everywhere even in your 5-star hotel or rented private villas. Of course, the hotels and villas will have mosquito sprays prepared for you. Otherwise, you can buy an insect repellent which is available at almost every convenient store around the island. They work like magic and there are many choices for you, from the natural kind to the deadly (to the mosquitoes, of course) kind.

-4 Can drink Tap water ?

If you stay in a hotel or a resort, you will find “complimentary drinking water” in the room. The hotel is not being nice to you by providing such a luxury, in fact, it is a way to inform their guests that the tap water is undrinkable.

Although, you might find it annoying to buy drinking water, it is easy and cheap to buy cool, fresh and clean drinking water here. You can find a selection of drinking water whether it is a bubbling, still or mineral water you can find them in convenient stores at a super friendly price.

-5 Public Transport ?

Phuket is big enough to be a standalone province, but it is not big enough to get their own public transportation, well just yet. The most basic way to travel around the island is a private taxi. Always make sure there is a published rate written somewhere before taking the taxi. Otherwise, you can always rent a private car which has various rates, from the luxurious type to the everyday car.

For those who want to go local, there is always a tuk tuk or Songtiew available for you – they are cheaper but also slower.

-6 We drive on the left

For your information, we drive on the left. Be aware that sometimes locals will drive against the flow of the traffic which is very dangerous for everyone and especially for those who did not expect that to happen. Maybe best to hire a driver or take a taxi. However, if you are confident with your driving skill, you may do so, but always drive carefully.

-7 Wich Language should we talk ?

Although you might find many people in Phuket can speak English, you will find that just a few of them can actually maintain the conversation with you. Most of the locals can speak basic English as they are trained to communicate with their customers and guests. However, if you would like to continue the talk with them, you might find it difficult or impossible.

Some of them might not even speak English at all, so the best way to go is to get a guidebook with basic Thai terms such as greetings, thank you, asking for price and asking for direction. Or simply download translation app with an audio on your mobile phone.

-8 What is the local Currency ?

In Phuket, Thai Baht is an official currency just like any other provinces in Thailand. You can find many banks and currency exchange counters almost everywhere in Phuket or even at the airport upon your arrival, so you don’t have to worry about where to exchange your money.

-9 Don’t worry for your phone

With this generation, mobile access is a must for every holidaymaker. Some of you might be asking this question before even start planning your holiday so worry not. In Phuket, you can find SIM card with internet service in almost every convenience store.

It is easy and cheap for you to get one legit SIM cards. You can just buy it and then top up your credit and then you are good to go.

-10 Two-legged electric plugged

For tech geeks, they might be asking what kind of electric plugs and power they use. In Phuket or safe to say in Thailand, two-legged electric plug with 220 volts at 50 Hz is some information you should remember.
If you did not prepare voltage converter from home, you can simply ask from your accommodation or buy one at the convenient stores nearby.

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