Luxury Beach Front Villa for sale in Phuket

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Luxury Beach Front Villa for sale in Phuket
Phuket, Thaïland.
For Sale 13,500,000 USD - Pool Villas for Sale
LP129 2650 m2 7 Bedrooms 8 Bathrooms 4 Garages 2016 Year Built 7300 m2

Overlooking the blue waters of the Andaman Sea on Phuket’s eastern shore and the stunning limestone formation of Phang Nga bay, Our Private Luxury Beach Front Villa for sale in Phuket is an extraordinary 7-bed villa that is a red carpet A-lister on the luxury villa rental circuit. Situated above the upscale Cape Yamu, the 2016 built villa perfectly blends stunning avant-garde design features with film-star luxury and retreat-style relaxation.

The winning combination creates a unique villa experience that is ultimately, incredibly comfortable, exhilaratingly chic, and simply spectacular; a villa which constantly surprises and surpasses all expectations with inimitable style.

Artistic Features

Wonderful artistic extravagance is extended to the living room atrium with its incredibly high-ceilinged, wooden gabled roof, with intricate wooden panels to connect with the outdoors. In the evenings, the huge starlight cluster chandeliers light up the space like an art installation sculpture in the Hollywood Hills; statement architecture at its grand best.

The bedrooms inspire rest with natural, biscuit hues and crisp white linens, while dynamic modern artwork and contemporary style features give our Villa its individual style. Interesting, well-placed wooden elements add clean, modern Scandinavian touches to the eclectic, yet restrained design and décor, giving the Villa a sophisticated edge.

Comfy Lounging Areas

Our Luxury Beach front villa for sale in Phuket boasts a cinema complete with soft, velvety beds as well as a comfy TV room and lounge. There is also a standout living space looking out through the atrium on the upper level with interior columns creating a grand hall appearance. With a full kitchen, dining is a dream, with a breakfast bar, kitchen dining area, as well as an attractive dining room within the atrium. A sala takes dinning outdoors by the poolside too, with views out to the Big Blue.

Expansive lawns

With an expanse of lawns, Villa’s natural setting frames not just one glorious infinity pool, but two, with a second pool on the villa’s upper level.  Two of the bedrooms have super-king beds, while the others are king-sized, all with picturesque views of the sea, pool or gardens. One of the bedrooms,  along a stepping stone path, is housed in its own contemporary, white-cube bungalow.

Each villa bathrooms is designed with an upmarket spa concept in mind, with oval and round freestanding tubs and an attractive designer quality that elevates the space to a real luxury level.  Around the pools, loungers, daybeds, and a covered terrace with funky wooden nest beds invites, with seats on a pontoon over the pool, not to mention two Jacuzzis as well.  Six villa staff look after your stay too.

Upping Its Game

Along with a well-equipped gym letting in lots of natural light, the games room includes a pool table with a golf simulation game, complete with green teeing off area to add to the virtual experience. Outdoors, the villa grounds include a putting green, another plus for golfers, a basketball court, and kayaks, with a tennis court within the gated estate also.

It will be a pleasure to meet you at your convenience for a visit of your future Luxury Beach front Villa for sale in Phuket.

See You Soon, Achara.

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Additional Details

  • Title deed: Chanote
  • Ownership: Freehold
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