Private health insurance

Private Insurance Is a necessity for any foreigner living in Thailand. If you are involved in an accident and don’t have health insurance or any credit cards on you, as heartless as this may sound, some hospitals may refuse to treat you.

Chances are that if you have health insurance with a well-known insurance company.
Your insurance will be honoured in Thailand, though it always pays to check your coverage.
The cost of healthcare in Thailand is cheap compared to most developed countries.
Happily, low cost does not mean low standards. Many people take advantage of this fact by travelling to Thailand to get treatment and surgery.

There are plenty of local and international insurance companies with a wide range of policies to suit any budget. However, most policies will only cover you within Thailand policies.
They will cover medical expenses abroad are available but are much more expensive.

Car Insurance

There is a compulsory government car insurance which every car must have called a Por Ror Bor. It is no longer necessary to display this in your windshield but it must be shown when renewing your tax disc.
Unfortunately this insurance does not cover very much.
First-class insurance in Thailand is definitely recommended.
Policies are relatively inexpensive and can be easily obtained from most insurance companies and banks.

Home Insurance

Property insurance and contents insurance are available through most insurance companies in Thailand. Both are relatively inexpensive and highly recommended.
Generally contents insurance will not cover small items such as laptops, watches and jewelry. However, insurance on individual items can normally be obtained separately.

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